Question by  Pman (11)

How long do you have to pay off student loans?

I will be entering college next year and am considering my financial aid options.


Answer by  Jon65 (787)

It depends on the repayment plan selected and amount of debt you have. Standard student loans are 120 months or 10 years from graduation. You can elect a shorter repayment schedule, than 10 years, if you want to save money on interest. With larger loans, above $30,000, you may work out repayment plan with your lender for 25 years.


Answer by  estherkimani75 (40)

Most financiers let you pay your loan after up to 3 years after completing college. They give this time to ensure that you have gotten a job and comfortable to pay. Consider taking up part time jobs that cater for your financial need(paying the loan)


Answer by  Duncan (1124)

Standard loans should be repaid within ten years, but you have the option of entering extended repayment, and repay the loans over 25 years.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

For most kinds of student loans, the term is 20 years, with that term starting when one graduates from college.

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