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Question by  comalua (27)

Does America have a culture?


Answer by  gummie (738)

At this time in our American history, we still do have a set of belief systems in place which most citizens believe in. These belief systems are what bind us together as a united people. At our core is the Constitution, which we are founded on. A majority of Americans still believe in God, family, country.


Answer by  Letterman (42)

America is a powerhouse, and is looked to by most other nations. It's culture includes baseball, the most popular music, hollywood movies, world reknowned sights to visit, freedom in democracy, and the world's strongest stock market. So yes, America has a great culture, one that others tend to adopt attributes from, as America has adopted some from others.


Answer by  don (46)

Yes obviously America have a specific culture. In order to represent every country there must be a well defined culture which came through their ancestors. So no doubt in order to be a country it must have certain well defined cultures. The culture is a one which represent the people as themselves.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

Ofcourse America does have a culture,it is entirely different from eastern culture.The free style followd by these Americans is slowly getting changed as they understood that there is a gap formed between genertions, led only to choas.The culture is not old enough to have deep experience to guide the youngsters.The unit family system again needs change.

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