Question by  Hammer (27)

What are lurcher dogs?

Do they make good pets?


Answer by  Kathy15 (44)

Lurchers were bred in England for hunting rabbits. They are extremely obedient and fast learners. They are fairly tall dogs and so would do better on an acreage.


Answer by  dykwia (25)

If you are looking for a friendly active dog, the Lurcher is a good option. The breed originated in England, is known by its tremendous agility and its innate hunter capacity. The breed presents hair variety: short and long. They are the perfect companion when living in the country side.


Answer by  stargazier81 (35)

Lurcher dogs are crossbred dogs. Lurcher dogs vary in size depending of the type of dog that was cross bred. It is a crossbred between a sighthound and another breed. Gypsies were instrumental in the creation of the breed. Lurchers are good useful pets such as for hunting.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

A lurcher is not a pure bred dog. The dog is the result of a sighthound and another type of dog. It has a smooth short coat and the colors vary. It is an alert dog that is fun-loving, lovable and affectionate. This dog was originally bred to hunt rabbits.


Answer by  maxwell (289)

Lurcher dog is a mixed-breed usually consisting of part collie (Welsh, Border) and one part Sight, Wolf, or Deerhound. Depending on the breeding mix, they can be wonderful family pets.


Answer by  John7357 (16)

lurcher Dogs are hardly considered a pure breed, they are a cross between Sighthounds and other breeds, there size is variable.


Answer by  usagkthompson (273)

A lurcher dog is a mix between a sighthound and any other breed. A collie is a popular crossbread giving the dog not only speed but intelligence as well.

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