Question by  Lara (31)

Will a dog's behavior change after the death of a family member?

My dog has been acting funny since the death of my mom.


Answer by  mooman2679 (1018)

Yes, this will happen to any pet that was very close to the family member that passed. Dogs and cats are some of the worst that will be upset. Dogs will try to to the same place where they always met the person. The animal will eventually hopefully get over it.


Answer by  Anonymous

Absolutely. It is grieving, confused, lost, sad, maybe even angry. It may also feel ashamed. Tell the dog, and really mean it, that you understand it has a hurting spirit. Be kind to it, and help it adjust. Sorry for your loss.

posted by Anonymous
Dogs don't speak any human language (even if you 'really mean it'). Just keep them active, NOT alone, maybe introduce new activities and you should minimize the distress/confusion for them. Help them bond with someone as their new pack leader/caregiver, and they should come around with time. Be patient though.  add a comment

Answer by  Karen54 (971)

Dogs grieve, just like humans. If the dog spent a lot of time with a person, or that person was the primary caregiver, they may act lost, sad or angry.

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