Question by  RJ1986 (68)

What kind of paint or dye for fabric can you use on furniture?

I'm trying to update my old furniture to make it look new.


Answer by  cangel818 (981)

It is difficult to dye furniture. Make sure the dye matches the type of fabric. It is also difficult to rinse so you need to make sure the dye does not have to be rinsed. You can spray or airbrush fabric paint on but be sure you have open space.


Answer by  cady (194)

If the cloth you want to dye is removable, then you can use almost any kind of fabric dye. If it is upholstery, however, you will want to use paint. There are several brands of fabric spray paint, which is probably the best choice for large jobs.


Answer by  chrisjensd (703)

Buy fabric paint at a craft store. It works best if you sponge or spray on-brushes make a mess. Light colors are much easier to do-dry thoroughly with a hair dryer because color dries darker than it appears when you apply.


Answer by  kathryn26 (96)

For a professional look on the fabric of your furniture you must use paints or dyes especially formulated for fabrics, usually sold at "arts and crafts" stores like Hobby Lobby.

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