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Question by  SriLanka (264)

Do you put a plastic bag around the remote control when you stay at a hotel?

My brother says that this is a common way to avoid having to touch something that is so disgustingly dirty. I agree with him that they are probably filthy, but I am not sure how common his remedy is.


Answer by  Centrifugal (69)

I don't think that using a bag is too common, but it probably should be. I doubt that the housekeeping attendants ever clean those things... I can just imagine the guest before me licking his fingers after eating chicken wings and then operating the remote control... yuck!


Answer by  Vanessa (387)

I don't put a bag around it. But what I will do is wipe it down with a handi-wipe or another anibacterial agent that I carry with me.


Answer by  FrankBurns (9)

I have never heard of this method before. And I asked some people at my workplace about it, and they hadn't heard of that either.

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