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Question by  dee123 (51)

What is the danger of eating raw cookie dough?

I've always heard that you shouldn't eat raw cookie dough, but I see it in ice cream all the time. Why is it considered dangerous?


Answer by  isis36 (161)

The danger of eating raw cookie dough comes from the fact that cookie dough usually has raw egg in it. Raw eggs carry the possibility of the bacteria salmonella, which can lead to various illnesses, including fevers and food poisoning. The longer raw eggs have been sitting out, the more dangerous it is to eat them.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Cookie dough is made with raw eggs, which can contain salmonella. The dough in ice cream is usually made without eggs, or with a cooked substitute.


Answer by  catman529 (809)

The eggs in raw cookie dough can contain salmonella bacteria in rare instances. Interestingly, the salmonella comes from the egg shell, which can be transferred into the eggs when they're cracked. If you make the dough yourself, wash the eggs thoroughly before cracking and you should be safe.

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