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Question by  ARASAN (20)

After replacing front brake pad, the malfunction indicator light came on and 2 codes were set relating to a brake switch. Is this a switch that needs to be reset?

Also this happened, the cruise control doesn't work. My 2000 Dodge Durango simply will not turn over at all.


Answer by  k99 (489)

You're going to need to replace the brake switch. Once you replace the brake switch then your cruise will work again. It's an easy repair.


Answer by  7david7 (55)

Check all wiring/connectors in the area that work was done, like jacking or towing points. You may have damaged some wires/connectors during the brake job or car tow.


Answer by  heatherbooboo (655)

You need to look in the manual and see if they have to be reset . Most times its a sequence of buttons to push or hold down for a second or two.


Answer by  amanda132 (17)

Yes this usually means a reset switch needs reset. Take it into a mechanic and they will be able to look into the computer and fix it. As for the Dodge Durango not turning over, it sounds like a problem with the tumblers in the steering wheel column.


Answer by  vineethmm (16)

Does the car drive normally? Try removing the battery terminal(negative) and reconnecting it after 10 minutes and see what hapens. Front brake pads provide up to 70% stopping power. Reset and try

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