Question by  Lenore (237)

How does a band choose its backup singers?

I would love to be a backup singer.


Answer by  kalafayeg (8)

I hate to sound cliche, but a band knows as soon as they hear their voice. Some people's voices match up. I was in a band as a back up singer and loved it. You have to let your voice guide you.


Answer by  luckyjean (23)

Hang out with musicians who are forming bands. Once a band is established, the backup singer spots have long ago gone to their friends with good singing voices. So, go to open mics and jam sessions and sing with whoever's playing, or sing with whoever else is singing. You'll make a reputation for yourself and then they'll look for you.


Answer by  bpb123 (20)

A resume and audition are the best way to get qualified backup singers. The resume will give you an idea of what groups they might have worked with in the past as well as the type of music they may be familar with. The audition will validate their quality.

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