Question by  marcia (228)

Do silverfish bite? Are their bites harmful?


Answer by  seylis (25)

A silverfish's diet consists mostly of starches and carbohydrates, even paper. Their mouths are quite small, capable of eating tiny particles only. They are not harmful to humans directly, or medically if ingested. Books, clothes, and food stuffs such as flour have much more to fear from the silverfish than you or I ever will.


Answer by  answer1 (30)

The common silverfish that lives in the bathroom or other cool damp places in your apartment or house does not bite. Furthermore, it is not poisonous, either. There is an interesting fact, however, and that is that the silverfish can live up to a year without eating any additional food.


Answer by  jsmith (2067)

No, silverfish will not bite humans, and thus their bites are not harmful. Silverfish feed primarily on cellulose and thus can do particular damage to books and papers. They can also damage things like clothing, bedding, and carpeting.


Answer by  jacks83 (96)

Silver fish is a non venomous insect. Since they do not have the stingers, they are not able to bite. It is harmless to humans also.

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