Question by  katherineagmailcom (140)

Do Rogers drugs sound best?

I am researching drums for my new band and would like to know which are rated as the best sound on the market.


Answer by  lanadavies (127)

I think you mean Roger Drums. Roger Drums are certainly one of the oldest and most sought after Drum manufacturers, but depending on the style you might prefer a different brand. Most professional drummers, however, choose to customize their sets and buy single pieces from many brands to customize their sound.


Answer by  worker261297 (50)

There is no such thing as the best sounding drums on the market, every drum sounds different and its one drum is no "Better" than another. I would go to a music shop and try out as much stuff as you can and decide for yourself. Vintage Rogers Kits is good shape sound Fantastic, Most new ones are crap.


Answer by  ShaBoy (12)

The best way to answer that is to go to music stores and play on different kits. Typically, the quality of a kit has more to do with the quality of the drum heads, their tuning, the skill level of the drummer, and the quality of the cymbals.

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