Question by  JohnJ (12)

Do Onan RV generators provide good or bad service?


Answer by  pats (62)

Onan RV generators provides good service as they are quite, fuel efficient, easy to start, reliable, starts on the first time, and really good when compared to the price you pay.


Answer by  SalR (7)

Onan generators are rock-solid and provide dependable service. The reason they are reliable is because the manufacturer is one of the leading commercial generator manufacturers in the US. Parts are readily available as well as facilities to repair them. There is a Cummins repair nearby here in Nashville.


Answer by  cmunch (97)

From personal experience, the Onan RV generator provides bad service. I was not satisfied with how the accessories are so cheap, rust easily, and had to be replaced so often!


Answer by  pokie (132)

onan rv generators do a good job as they are fuel afficient, are very quite, are very easy to start, are really priced affordably, are really reliable and you can park your rv at any designated rv parking as you do not have to plug into electical outlets to get electicity, incase there are no outlets provided.


Answer by  topsterdog (5)

These are a great way to provided power in your home from home in a quiet and reliable way. The Remote start control is brilliant.


Answer by  RobD (11)

Onan RV generators are top quality generators used in the medical field and many times used to keep hospitals running during power outages, they are a top commercial generator company.


Answer by  geethapriya (239)

Onan RV generator provide good service. It is used in the medical field and the also in the research also.


Answer by  Jdog37 (592)

We have an onan Rv generator and it has been awesome. They are strong running and provide excellent service. Ours is old and still runs like a champ. I would recommend them.

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