Question by  andrewpeters (18)

Is Consumer Cellular a good mobile phone service?

I am looking for a good mobile phone service.


Answer by  chitraanilkumar (340)

cancel your service risk-free for any reason. Consumer Cellular will even pay for shipping. If you have any more questions, visit consumercellular.


Answer by  Cott (43)

I would recommend staying with the more well-known phone service providers, however recently companies such as Boost have also received positive feedback. Consumer Cellular is still making a profile for itself in the market but could possibly be a positive choice.


Answer by  worker1665 (41)

Try it for 30 days or 30 minutes and if you don't like it return and pay nothing. The lowest plan is 10$ a month. If not go for AT&T.


Answer by  duvessa (30)

I actually prefer cricket, they have more coverage than them. I suppose it is preference though and what you want in your plans.

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