Question by  Lissa (31)

Do I need a 2 year degree to be a radiology tech?


Answer by  anjeldream (86)

That depends. There are very good degree programs found at community colleges. However, because of the tremendous need for techs, many hospitals have begun to offer radiology technician training.


Answer by  vaishb88gmailcom (37)

Yes ,of course you need a 2year degree to be a radiology tech,a good experienced persons are welcomed by hospitals. A bachelor's or master's in one of the radiologic technologies is desirable for supervisory,administrative,or teaching positions.


Answer by  KIndiraNarasimham (142)

You would have to get a bachelors degree first. . Then you would to go med school. After that, you do your residency which is where you would specialize in radiology.You can become a radiologic technologist in 2 years, possibly needing a semester or two to get prequisites


Answer by  meyer (17)

No, I'm pretty sure you can find a prgogram at you're local community collage corses that are only a bout six months long. it is really easy to do.


Answer by  smd4newsboys (95)

Considering this was my former major i should know yes you do. This is also a hard program to get into leave about 2 trys to get accepted. Also note a similar field respiratory therapy is another good option and is my current major same money more jobs.

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