Question by  Mike19 (92)

What kind of degree is a BSc in nursing?

I thought nursing was a two-year program.


Answer by  UVJ (46)

The Course is a 2 or 4 year course involving the theory and practice of nursing, general education in humanities, behavioural aspects, Biological /Physical sciences meeting Healthcare demands of society.


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

Most nursing programs are two year plus clinical, but if for more technical training, which includes intense clinical programs, a four year nursing degree is best. To find the best fit for you, please talk to your advisor because nursing is one of the hardest programs to complete.


Answer by  JZ (6)

A BSc in nursing is a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. A BSc is a 4 year college degree where the first two years focus more on general academic topics and the last two years focus more on nursing and clinical experience.


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

There are different types of nursing degrees. A two year program is most likely for Licensed Practical Nurse. A BSc is a Bachelor of Science degree, with major in nursing.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

A two-year RN program grants an Associate Degree (AD). A BSc is a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, which is also called a BSN by some schools. A "2+2" program is a two-year ADRN continuing for two more years to earn a BSN or BSc.


Answer by  kristina31 (305)

It really depends. Some schools you can take up nursing and get a certficate in as little as 9 months. But yes if you want a degree its 2 years


Answer by  Gus28 (683)

I assume you mean BSN a four year degree.. Batchelor of Science in Nursing. It is usually necessary for advancement into nurse administration. An RN degree is a two-year program.

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