Question by  mike68 (20)

Do I have a warrant?

I forgot to pay a parking ticket.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

It depends on how old the ticket is. If you are not sure and you wish to make restitution, contact the Motor Vehicles Department or the local Police to see if one has been issued or just go to the superior court business office and pay the ticket.


Answer by  ladybud (1069)

States are different.If you have not paid a ticket it is possible to have a arrest warrant according to state or city code or laws.If you think you do have a warrant never walk into the court or jail you might not be ready to go right now.Always call the court that the ticket is wrote on and ask.


Answer by  Teresa32 (314)

You don't have a warrant, but the police might. Actually, most states only allow cops to stop you only if you've done something illegal. They won't stop you if you have outstanding tickets.

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