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Question by  CanaansMommy2009 (3)

Can the police kick down the door of your home without a search warrant for domestic violence calls?

This happened to me recently although there was never any DV going on. The police said they had gotten a call that there was DV in my home. It was 2am, so I didn't answer the door so they kicked it in, and they didn't have a search warrant.


Answer by  Kisha (116)

No. They cannot have access to the inside of your home without your permission or warrant. As a former police officer I would advise you to contact your local police branch and file a complaint.


Answer by  Wil (54)

If the police officer knocks at your door and you decide not to answer, then you are in trouble. Once there is a DV call, the officer can assume the alleged offender is trying to obstruct law enforcement by not answering his call.


Answer by  jaljl25 (547)

Yeah I think they can do that. But you know what, it's for safety issues of citizens so they can. But make sure there are real police. It could be a scam of some sort. You should call your local police station though and find out.


Answer by  Lamskin (33)

I guess you found out didn't you. It all comes down to the information they received before they arrived. If the caller to 911 stated they heard a woman yelling for help coming from your residence along with a lot of noise of furniture and items being thrown then yes. If they believe a life is at stake then yes.


Answer by  Bob18 (5)

The police don't need a warrant if they have probable cause that a crime is in progress. If they heard sounds like yelling, they may have been justified,

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