Question by  Shelley59 (68)

Do I give a 1099 to my freelance writers?

I own a small book publishing company.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

You will need to issue 1099 forms to your freelance writers that receive more than $ 600 from your company in a calendar year. One copy goes to the writers and another copy goes to the IRS. You should have W9 forms filled out by each writer.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

Only if they have more than six hundred dollars worth of work. Anything lower than that is not considered taxable by the IRS. However some people get audited so give them one just to be safe


Answer by  worker2066 (19)

You need to give a 1099 to your freelance writers in case that they earn $600 or more in that year. You are required to send them in order to write off your tax return, as they will be your proof that you did expense that much for your business.


Answer by  MSH (305)

Yes as long as they are not on your payroll and you are not withholding anything from their earnings. Also how you report your expenses to the IRS

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