Question by  Coopster (1)

What kind of creature is about 1-inch long, but can vary its length by stretching its abdomen?

I found it on my shower floor. It's about 1/16 in width, a light grayish-brown color, and can scamper quickly backwards or forwards. It has a head and a forked tail. It reminds of earwig, but it's longer, thinner, lighter in color, and faster moving. My location is a modern, clean home in Northstar at 6200 ft elevation with active outdoors occupants, and no dogs. Any ideas?


Answer by  TeresaE (381)

That is a silverfish, you found it in the shower because they go toward water. They cause no harm to humans or the house they just eat paper. Be sure to clean up and spills and dry the tub and you will likely not see them again. They also get much bigger.


Answer by  blkvper (6)

The animal with-in the description could be many insects. A silverfish is the most likely to be found in the shower. Like the silverfish, it could also be a firebrat. There are alot of resources available to explain ways to exterminate both species.

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