Question by  epaulzy (119)

Can you use T-Mobile refill cards on other phones?

I have a T-Mobile card that I forgot about; now I have a different phone.


Answer by  Jamie5143 (47)

You cannot do it. Sell it to one of your friends that may use t-mobile. Or simply contact t-mobile to find out what you could do.


Answer by  Wheeljack (127)

Yes. But u can't do it off the bat. if the phone is not with T-mobile it won't work. But if u have a unlocked GSM (sim) phone then u can use it with T-mobile. You would have to unlock the phone you have that isn't all ready with T-mobile but make sure is is GSM compatible


Answer by  2525252 (717)

Well yeah you should be able to if you have a t-mobile related phone. Otherwise I don't think it will work.

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