Question by  chickencheeseuiu (19)

Can an unlocked Alltel blackberry pearl take a sim card from a Motorola phone?

I am switching phones and would like to download my contacts from my old sim card.


Answer by  fairee (181)

Alltel phones do not take SIM cards, they use a different technology. You can upload your contacts to your computer and then send them to the Blackberry Pearl.


Answer by  Anonymous

As long as the phone has a slot for the SIM (which most BlackBerrys DO) you can get your contacts from it regardless of it being a CDMA-network phone. The network has to do with call/etc service, not the contact data stored on the SIM.


Answer by  jaketa (117)

Alltel phones do not take sim cards. The easiest thing to do would be to upload your contacts to your computer, and then download them using a sync cord.


Answer by  hellomoto (125)

Yes. As long as it's unlocked you can do that. You can also go to a store from your provider and have them copy the contacts to your new SIM.


Answer by  worker6280 (78)

Alltel phones operate on the CDMA network and do not use SIM cards, so no you can't. There are software apps that can help you move your contacts though.

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