Question by  Wynlowe (22)

Where is the thermostat located on a Dodge Dakota 4.7 liter?

I have misplaced my handbook for my Dakota and need assistance with doing some repair work.


Answer by  billyb (562)

the thermostat should be located in the water neck that is connected to the upper radiator hose. the water neck should be bolted to the intake or engine block.


Answer by  Anonymous

right behind the alternator and AC compressor, you will have to remove one of these to get the housing out, very light with the rtv on both sides of gasket, dodges are the only ones i have to add rtv to t-stat gasket


Answer by  Jimbob (2275)

Most of the time it is located right at either the intake or the outlet of the radiator. Often just taking off the hoses will help you locate which side the thermostat is located.


Answer by  TravisUSMC (979)

Its on the top of the motor. Follow the upper radiator hose to where it enters the intake manifold. The thermostat will be right there. There will be just 2 bolts to remove to take out the thermostat. When replacing it make sure you replace the gasket also, or use some RTV silicone to seal it.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Not knowing the exact year of your truck I can only suggest where to look. Typically you can find the thermostat at the top front of the block.

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