Question by  DrSandz (21)

Can you spray paint leather?

Is there a particular brand of spray paint that will work on leather?


Answer by  leather1 (5)

You can spray paint leather, but it will look nicer if the leather is treated first. Fabric sprays can work on the leather, but probably most will work, just read the labels.


Answer by  JasPoSF (67)

One convenient method for coloring leather is using a spray paint method. There are several brands out there that range in price. One particular brand that seems to be rather economically priced is "Touch N' Tone". A 10 oz can of spray paint can be purchased for less than $2.00 from some vendors.


Answer by  AlexW (407)

It is possible to spray paint leather, but to a certain extent. Shoes: yes. Clothes, furniture: no. Items in between, like purses, bags, caps, are possible to spray paint. Expect temporary results anyway. You will have to repeat painting, and it will look shabby in no time.

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