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Question by  mahmud (48)

How do you remove spray paint from a car's exterior?

Unfortunately someone spray painted some of the interior of my car.


Answer by  Cassandradalla (228)

Possibly the best method to remove spray paint from the exterior of a car is to check for a professional grade cleaning product designed to remove paint without damaging a vehicle. If none is available, applying sandpaper to completely remove the paint spots and then refinishing with a new application of paint would be a possible solution.


Answer by  Mark5081 (6)

Use NAPH, This can be bought at any Flowers Auto Parts.It is used to released the paint from the area without damageing the material. It is like a high grade of lighter fluid so do not use around open flame , has no petroleum bi-produts in it.For safety use a face mask or well vented areas.


Answer by  worker2746 (2434)

The exterior can be very difficult to remove spray paint from. Depending on the type of paint and how long it has been on your car, you may not be able to remove it at all. You can try to wash it with soap and water first, then may have to paint the entire car.


Answer by  palmerino (637)

there are paint removal liquids you can buy, but be careful because these will mostlikely eat the plastic if you leave it on to long.


Answer by  Snappledrank (103)

There is no real way to remove spray paint from the exterior of a car. Your best bet is to have it repainted.


Answer by  JD17 (424)

Sadly there is no good way about going at this because no matter what you do the original paint will never be the same again. Depending on how bad the spray paint is first try Gas on a rag and run it on the paint and wash it off. If they don't, work Get P&N Paint remover.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

To remove paint from the outside, I would use a very fine grit sandpaper, 4000 or higher, and sand the paint off. Then simply buff the shine back and wax.

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