Question by  E3w009 (8)

What kind of women does an Aquarius man like?

I have my eye on an Aquarius.


Answer by  GentleRiverOtter (6)

The Aquarius male is an adventurer. The Aquarius man would almost instantaneously fall for a woman who would listen to what he describes as his favourite hobby or activity, and ask him if she could go out with him and share this experience or activity with him. Ladies, even if bungee jumping or skiing is his thing, go for it!!!


Answer by  Blip (313)

According to astrology, the Aquarius man has a taste in partners that is a bit contradictory. He likes a woman that is intelligent, independent, free-spirited, and provides good conversation. The problem arises when the Aquarius wants you in the palm of his hand but from a distance; he may purposely endeavor relationships that fail to avoid commitment.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

You need to be aware that most men do not believe in astrology. You should be more concerned about being the kind of woman he is attracted to.


Answer by  Kira13 (21)

I don't feel that an Aquarius man has a specific type. It depends on the person on what they like and don't like in a woman/man.

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