Question by  gsaravind79 (14)

How compatible is a male Virgo and female Capricorn?

I am a Virgo and my girl is Capricorn.


Answer by  Bayarts (470)

Compatibility issues have little or nothing to do with the zodiac and everything to do with the individuals in question and what they prefer. People who like the same things are generally compatible.


Answer by  Ultimist (25)

A male Virgo and a female Capricorn are very suited to each other. Both of the astrological signs share common qualities. These two balance each others' strengths and weaknesses rather well. The Capricorn female can satisfy the need for love exhibited by the Virgo male, while he provides her with all the safety and security she needs.


Answer by  jaglikes2save (131)

While some people believe that a person's zodiac sign can provide insight into the compatibility of two individuals, there are a lot more factors that must be considered in the equation. If you get along well, you may already have your answer.

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