Question by  tribolumen (25)

What are the characteristics of the Virgo male in a relationship?

I met a great guy who is a Virgo.


Answer by  john14 (18)

The best way to describe a Virgo male is his willingness to be friendly to everyone... usually his family comes first it seems.. I have seen some really good relationships come out of two virgo in the recent months as both had a strong family bond and i think they are going to get married i hope


Answer by  srainne (2597)

If I remember correctly; Virgo's sometimes come off as cool or disinterested in some relationship situations. However, they always need/want companionship.


Answer by  Sivir (172)

He is helpful, sympathetic, has a sharp memory, independent and dependable. So he'll most likely remember your birthday and anniversary and such! However, his weak points are that he is very critical and fickle. He doesn't like staying in one place (so you might be moving a lot when you're with him! ).


Answer by  TJenkins602 (656)

Virgo men tend to be practical and they don't get too close nor do they get too distant. They are loving while at the same time not very clingy. They are independent types of people.


Answer by  Corson (11)

This guy will be very practical, and very methodical about material possessions. You will have to be very skilled to bring him to get into a romantic relationship. He is not the type to sing you a serenade under your balcony. But once you lit his heart, he will be very devoted to family and children.


Answer by  Inked (278)

He could be out going and perky, but beware because Virgos are known for being a little too sensitive and gossipy. They're also tons of fun and work very well for double dating or going out to a club, anywhere that's public, they love to be the center of attention.


Answer by  Shikimo (44)

Expect him to be thoughtful, considerate, and honest. He will remember your anniversary and special dates. A practical person, will not be moved simply by your make-up and clothes.

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