Question by  Ibm (27)

Can you help me troubleshoot the 80HP mercury flywheel that is stuck?

I need help.


Answer by  sini (34)

check the flywheel flex plate, they tend to crack if the hub is pulled improperly.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

You could have a problem with corrosion. First, make sure the bolts are out. Then try spraying it down with a PB penetrating oil.


Answer by  ernadiasyahoocombr (16)

Had the boat launched last weekend. it runs good and smooth. But there´s a loud rattling noise from the powerhead. The sound has always been there, but it has increased, and now sounds VERY loud. Its mostly when in idle. When accelerating, the sound disapears when reaching about ½ trottle.


Answer by  bludenim (17)

You can turn the release valve on the power trim motor clockwise to disengage, that will allow you to manually lift. I carry a small screwdriver and small squirt nozzel bottle filled with motor fluid, so I can add some to the refill hole if it is low, leaks out, etc.


Answer by  BrentByers (39)

Flywheel aren't too difficult to replace. To fix it, simply open the side case, remove the stuck flywheel, install a new flywheel, and close the case again. This is a simple fix.

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