Question by  JennyBucks (63)

What should I do if the pull cord on my lawnmower is stuck?


Answer by  wingdog987 (154)

Remove shroud with cord housing. Inspect flyweel area for debris impeding free turning. Next check bottom of cord housing for bent retainer or broken parts. Next spray assembly with lubricant. Make sure motor is not froze up. If none of the above check and or replace cord and or spring.

Reply by wingdog987 (154):
First off check for foreign object wedged in cutting blade.  add a comment

Answer by  embockjr (709)

Problems with the pull cord on lawnmowers is not that uncommon. You should not use overpowering force to try to correct the problem. Get your instruction manual and determine how to dismantle the pull cord housing component. You may need to remove and replace the cord.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

You have to take the recoil apart and figure out what the problem is the re-wing the rip cord and put it back together and hope and pray that what you fixed was what was wrong those things can be a pain my theory is when that happens take it in and have it replaced.


Answer by  beck (1099)

Most times simple wear-and-tear cause thise. Take the screws out that hold the housing to the mower then slowly pull the housing off. Sometimes this fixes it. Once it's off try to pull it again. If it works then put it back on.


Answer by  caligirl1740 (27)

Put some wd40 spray on cord. Try to work the grease in by pulling the cord slowly in and out. If this fails, carefully turn lawn mower towards the garage push inside. Once inside the garage, please kick the mower. Once lawnmower is put away, locate the phone number to a lawn service and call an experienced lawn crew.


Answer by  tc437369 (75)

If the pull cord on your lawnmower is stuck there is a quick easy way that might help it unstick. Just grab a can of WD40 and spray in the area where the cord is released. It should release a good portion of the cord, and if it continues to stick after you pull some out, just repeat.

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