Question by  AnyName22 (27)

My Mercury outboard oil alarm is going off, can you troubleshoot it?

I need help with my Mercury outboard oil alarm.


Answer by  mike84 (27)

the oil alarm is the sensor saying that your oil pressure is low. what you have to do is,check your oil level. it may be just a little low on oil. if the oil is full than go to the next step and replace the oil sensor. this will solve the problem.


Answer by  Champ (552)

Let the engine run hot for a little bit, about 10 minutes should do, then crawl under the car and see if it's leaking. If it is, your oil pan is cracked, if not just pull out the fuse that governs the oil alarm, to disable the annoying light.


Answer by  Elenita (23)

Checking the oil pressure when the oil is low will be such a big help. And the thing about the alarm is maybe it has some broken wire that really needs to be fixed , checking it out will be a big help either .


Answer by  Mike15 (22)

The reason your alarm is going off is because there is a loose wire somewhere. You need to track down the loose wire and have it fixed. When I found the loose wire and wiggled it the alarm would go on and off.

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