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Question by  klmake136 (19)

Can you help me troubleshoot my lawnmower that has a weak spark?

My lawnmower will crank but it takes several tries prior to it actually cranking.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

The problem can be a multitude of things, but first try cleaning the armature and magnets. A bad coil would be another cause. Additionally, the air gap between the fly wheel and armature may be off. Finally, check all wires and connections to the plug. Wiring problems can cause an engine to not start right off.


Answer by  KevinLSt3t (120)

First check your battery. It may be weak or need replacing. If that battery is 100% check your spark plugs. as cheap as plugs are its almost as easy just to try a new one in it to see if it fixes. Follow that by checking fuel, starter, etc.


Answer by  mahavin (589)

whenever the lawn mower suffers the weak spark problem, the coil has to be checked with a voltmeter. when the coil is not in proper mode it emanates the weak spark problem. Usage of spark plug would be beneficial.

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