Question by  Pinto (166)

What should I do for a motorcycle with a weak spark?


Answer by  Birder80 (181)

Battery charge is likely low, charge battery then test spark again. If still weak pull the plug and check for a fouled, broke, or miss gaped plug. Then check the plug wire. If still not getting fire check that the neutral start switch or the kill switch aren't malfunctioning.


Answer by  tml (538)

You could try changing out your spark plug as a cheap fix. Otherwise, change your ignition cord and then your ignition CDI to find the problem.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Start by running through all your electrical components. Make sure your battery is charged, there are no loose connections, and you points are gapped right if you have them. Otherwise you may need to replace your coils or ignition module. If you bike has a lot of miles then it probably just has a failing component in the system.


Answer by  cjs1116 (16)

Check the spark plug for damage, including being fouled. Determine spark gap desired and adjust gap accordingly. Determine if spark is getting to the plug. Check magneto of motor for correct operation.

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