Question by  TriniFigueroa (128)

Can you give me tips on tips on images on how to be goth?

I'm so tired of EMO, it just wears on you after awhile.


Answer by  SylviaStickles (182)

Goths tend to wear a lot of black, eyeliner, fishnets, striped tights, and corsets. Search the internet for images of goths to get some ideas about what kinds of clothing you should wear.


Answer by  Abby95 (118)

Try adding a little metal. A chain, even a delicate one, can help the image. Remember, emos are about a loss of hope. Goths are determined to fight.


Answer by  georgiagirl (261)

to dress goth you usually wear black and some other color accent. boots,tripp pants,chains on pants,baggy clothes,black hair, heavy eye makeup,corsetted dresses.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

From a previous goth: get real with it. Emo strikes gothic people as surface and fake. Sure, dress in black, but learn the real undercurrents of the movement. Read the books and poetry, think about death and how life can be shallow in its advance towards it. Stop shopping at Hot Topic.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

I would recommend dying your hair black, wear black makeup (eyeliner, finger polish etc. ), and wear a lot of Marilyn Manson gear.

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