Question by  tpsldiver (17)

How do you tilt an image in Photoshop?

I need to tilt an image in Photoshop.


Answer by  Tech42 (60)

open the image press Ctrl and T, and hover your cursor just outside the box corner, an arrow will appear, drag in either a clockwise, or anticlockwise motion to tilt.


Answer by  murali680 (559)

First open the image then click Ctrl and T key. Then float your cursor outside of the box corner. After appearing curved arrow, we can tilt it by clicking.


Answer by  blenderb421 (14)

From the Edit Menu, choose "Image Rotation>Arbitrary." Enter the angle that you want to tilt (rotate) your image, and choose either "CW" (clockwise) or "CCW" (counterclockwise). Click OK to confirm you selection. Presets of 90 degrees (CW and CCW) and 180 degrees are also offered on the Image Rotation entry on the Edit Menu for easy access.


Answer by  Dorr (19)

To tilt an image in Photoshop, the user must do the command CTRL + T, opening the "Free Transform" tool. Then, the user can click and drag from outside the picture, to tilt the image.


Answer by  Emer (19)

First thing to do is highlight the part of the image that you want to tilt, or the entire image with the rectangle selection tool. Then after it's highlighted, click the mouse pointer tool. Go to any corner of the image, and the mouse should turn into a curved shape. Then tilt the image which way you want to.


Answer by  annna (5)

There should be an option that says "Rotate canvas" or "Rotate image" in the menu bar at the top of the window. Rotate image would mean that you would have to select the portion to rotate, rotate canvas rotates the whole frame.


Answer by  Kamau (10)

Ctrl + T go to the outside of the box and you will see a curvy arrow. move down or up to tilt. then press the tick at the top


Answer by  Sting1 (686)

Hit CTRL+T to select and transform the image. User your mouse to rotate it as you wish. Or use the menu: image > transform


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Start bu opening you image. Then go to the select tab and select the entire picture that is to be rotated with the "select all" option. Then go to the the edit tab and go to transform the rotate. Then rotate the image to create the tilt effect.


Answer by  blkconservative (46)

First open your image. You will need to place the arrow of your mouse along the edge of your image. Drag and rotate clockwise or counter clockwise.

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