Question by  DavidBBoone (23)

How do you safely give a targus pierce?

I would like to give myself a targus piercing and have no idea how to do this.


Answer by  sdnco (264)

It is recommended that only a piercing professional do targus piercings. The targus is located very close to the inner ear and making a mistake could do serious damage to your ear. You must keep a targus piercing very clean.


Answer by  GilFinn (2065)

A targus piercing is not only difficult, but also very painful. It's not the type of piercing that you can safely do yourself, and I suggest very strongly that you should not try it. You would be better off having it pierced by a professional in a sterile and controlled environment.


Answer by  Britt (453)

The best and safest way is to get it professionally done, this is not something you want to screw around with. Too many risks to do it at home.


Answer by  Chrissie (266)

You really can't do this one safely yourself. There's too much risk of damaging the ear canal. Have it done by a professional.


Answer by  H797H (157)

The safe way to get any piercing is to go to a professional who is trained in the proper piercing technique. Especially with cartilage piercings and piercings that are very close to your inner ear, an inexperienced person who is piercing themselves can cause excruciatingly painful damage to you ear that is usually irreversible.


Answer by  BirdOnAWire (171)

Self done piercing is definitely discouraged. Aside from not being sterile, you risk nerve damage, torn tissue, and cracked cartilage, especially for a tragus piercing.


Answer by  frogie (86)

I would not suggest you give yourself a TRAGUS piercing. However, if you want all you need to do is stick a large needle through followed by an earing.

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