real estate


Question by  angelzkissus (9)

Can you give me some good tips to keep in mind when I'm buying a house?

It's my first time.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Find a good real estate agent to assist you. Ask friends/family for referrals. Be clear about what you want, not only in terms of your budget, but with regard to location, style, bedrooms/baths, yard, garage, fireplace, etc. Make list of what you MUST have as well as things you'd like to have and things you don't want.


Answer by  jaho (47)

Determine how much you can afford before you start searching. Get pre-qualified for a loan. When you make an offer, make it contingent on passing an inspection and financing.


Answer by  Dana1207 (125)

Use a buyers agent, invest in a home inspection, and make sure to stay in the house for a few hours before making a decision.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

Make sure you have your house inspected by a profesional prior to purchase. Go with the inspector and perform your own inspection while they do theirs. Take into consideration your utility costs and other expenses along with your house payment. Make sure you get a fixed interest rate loan.

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