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Question by  bsvwbus (16)

What tips do I need for laying shingles?

I am going to put a roof on my house and would like some tips on the best way to start.


Answer by  iva (11)

Start in one lower corner and work up across at the same time. overlap the next row to the guide line on the shingle below and be sure to stagger the gaps between tabs. To apply the shingles simply lay them flat and nail them to the roof using galvanized roofing nails along the guide line provided on the shingle.


Answer by  Lissabee (8)

You should lay shingles on a roof in the summertime when it's warm so they will lay flat and seal correctly. It is best to use more nails than necessary because more nails means less chance they will blow off. Make sure you have proper roof ventilation like ridge vent to keep the shingles cool in the summer.


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

You'll need a flat-nosed shovel, a hammer, a chalk line and some cheap snips. The shovel is good for prying up the old shingles. Put down new tar paper, snap two chalk lines at 35 1/2", and 31 1/2"; it helps you stagger the shingles properly. Only put nails over the cuts in between the tabs. And don't fall.


Answer by  oggy (33)

Secure yourself on the roof before commencing the n go for roof scaffolding or roof jacks depending on the altitude.Check the underlying layers of the roof to find any faults.

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