Question by  berwynbob (49)

Can you give me some easy to medium hard accounting questions?

I am helping someone with accounting.


Answer by  AnnVandeVanter (21)

How should a data test of a computerized accounting system be tested by the auditor? Answer: It should be processed on the company's system under the control of the auditor.


Answer by  dhanya (8)

what is a profit & loss a/c? what do you meant by a Trial Balance? How can we make a Balance Sheet of a reputed company?


Answer by  CarMechanic (10)

What do you need to know when determining a lease is a sales-type lease when accounting for the lessor in a problem?


Answer by  prave (9)

1. What is the accounting equation? 2. Give some examples of revenue and expenditure. 3. What is meant by "balance sheet"?

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