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Question by  AlishaLynn (13)

Can you give me a review of Mercier champagne?

Someone recommended it to me for a party.


Answer by  kaska (18)

Mercier champagne has an exquisite, bubble taste. However, the bottle is quite small. It's the number one domestic selling Champagne in France so i would recommend it.


Answer by  kml32 (30)

Founded in 1858 and use to own the rights to Dom Perignon, but sold the brand in 1930. It is the number one selling champagne in domestic French market. They try to keep to the highest quality of champagnes.


Answer by  David67 (17)

It's very good. It's a mid-price range, costing an average of $35 a bottle. It is made in France and is the most popular wine on the French domestic market.


Answer by  keke (335)

Personally i think that is one of the best champagnes to have at a party. it doesnt taste cheap and isnt that expensive. Its an reasonable prize. The champagne is delicious i would say. So yes i would have it at the party if i was you im sure everyone alse will enjoy it.

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