Question by  Megan (35)

Where can I find bach tr300 trumpet reviews?

I need reviews on the bach tr300 trumpet.


Answer by  notanexpert (199)

Have you tried joining some music or trumpet music forums or a group on orkut/facebook. You'll find opinions aplenty there about the Bach tr300 Trumpet. If you have specific queries you can post it on these forums and groups.

Reply by digmyspace (249):
Drop into your local music store and ask the owner - simple way to get an unbiased opinion and also be able to compare other trumpets at the same time. Are you looking to buy one?  add a comment

Answer by  mb (5482)

The Bach tr300 trumpet is a fine instrustrument. You could go to the manufacturers website, they will have some user reviews but I suspect they are quite biased. Try a major concert halls reviews of its pieces.


Answer by  worker5026 (9)

In order to find bach tr300 trumpet reviews I would consider going to the local music store and asking the manager/assistant manager. If that doesn't work out I would email the company that sells the tr300 trumpets and ask for their opinion or look at the costumer reviews.


Answer by  sleepyjey (248)

Most online stores that sell the Bach tr300 trumpet will have some users who have reviewed this. i found these on cnet and nextag. I've found a few being sold on ebay and these sellers too include a review about the trumpet on their ebay page.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

You can probably find a pretty unbiased opinion of the Bach TR300 trumpet on the Brass Review website. In addition, there is the Bach Loyalist website. Obviously, you may only hear one side of the store on that brand trumpet, though. From what I've read, the TR300 is pretty decent for beginner to intermediate players.


Answer by  mechtech74 (692)

There are 28 reviews of the TR300H at Brass Review: http://www. brassreview. com/reviews/showproduct. php/product/28 There is a three page thread on the TR300 here: http://www. trumpetmaster. com/vb/f139/bach-tr300-46682. html Generally, it is considered a good student trumpet.


Answer by  Lakshmi65 (715)

the trumpet gives a pleasant sound. it looks good. the maintaince of the trumpet is easy. the valu of the trumpet is not so higher.

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