Question by  Ginakeys (178)

What are the different types of champagne?

I need to purchase champagne for an upcoming event and know nothing about it.


Answer by  Camelia (662)

Well, the first criteria that differentiates champagnes is color, there is white champagne or rose. Also, the flavor makes a big difference. You can choose a dry one, which is bound to be more sour, or a demi-dry or fruity flavored champagne, more suitable for the ladies or people that don't like sparkly wines.

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it is only champange if the grapes are grown in the champange region of france, other wise it is known as sparkling wine. The only differance between champange and any other white, blush or rose wine is the addition of carbon dioxide. Forced or natural during the ferminting process  add a comment

Answer by  sward8 (14)

There are 6 different types of champagne, each classified by its sugar content: ultra brut, brut, extra-sec, sec, demi-sec, and doux.


Answer by  Maggie72 (70)

Generally there are two different ways of viewing champagne- the French way and the way everyone else views it. Champagne in France comes from a specific region (called Champagne! ) and any other type of sparkling wine is just called "Sparkling Wine. " Everywhere else, sparkling wine is just called "Champagne" regardless.

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