Question by  achicken (11)

Can you give me a list of the gods of Hinduism?

I think it might be a long list.


Answer by  Gajenthi (5)

The oldest of the great world religions, Hinduism began in India at least 5000 years ago.Hindus believe in one great power, or supreme God, called Brahman, that exists in everything.some of Gods in Hinduism are below. Lord Shiva Lord Bramha Lord Vishnu Lord Ganesha Lord Kalli Lord Lakshmi Lord Hanuman Lord Muruga Lord Parvathi Lord Durga Lord Saraswathi


Answer by  1234567 (23)

Brahma - creator god Vishnu aka Krishna - governs universe Shiva - destroyer god Saraswathi - wisdom and wife of Brahma Lakshmi - goddess of wealth wife of Vishnu Parvathi - divine mother and wife of Shiva Ganesha - elephant headed god of beginnings Kali - goddess of destroying things Durga - mother of the universe Manasa - snake goddess

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