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Question by  Simsim (69)

Can you bring snacks on an airplane?


Answer by  Snippets editor

Airline passengers may bring food on an airplane. Since many airlines are now charging for food on flights, passengers are driven to bring food onboard for economic reasons. Drinks may be carried on the plane too, though drinks purchased outside the security checkpoint is subject to the 3 ounces limitation.


Answer by  Anonymous

yes you can bring snack on an airplane but it has to be sealed and something that is not open like a sald a good example would be M&Ms.However no liquid if you have a baby with you then formula is aloud but nothing else like bottled water.


Answer by  tschebyshev (252)

You are allowed to bring food onto a plane. Every once in awhile I see a group of travelers make a big production out of it... they plan in advance and bring gourmet food onto the plan to make the time pass quicker... it's a fun idea!


Answer by  philosophy (243)

Yes, it's not like a movie theater where you can't bring food. One time i sat next to someone that brought on a really smelly meatball sandwich... as long as you refrain from bringing something really messy or smelly, no one will complain.

Reply by benicio (257):
Even McDonalds or Chinese food is rude to bring on the plane! The smell is really overpowering when you're in a confined space like an airplane.  add a comment

Answer by  abrpanda84 (6)

yes, your allowed to bring snacks. It is more convenent and it is MUCH better than air line foods. also it is heather because you dont just order whatever you want to gave yourself food and you balenced out your meal!


Answer by  eamuscatuli (80)

Yes, you can bring your own snacks; however, you need to ensure it is not on the TSA banned list if you will need to pass through security with it.


Answer by  cbswilsonsresortcom (53)

I have not been on an airplane yet that did not allow you to bring your own snacks. I would highly suggest for anyone traveling with children to bring their own snacks and juices. I have even seen people bring McDonalds or other foods from the airport vendors onto the airplane.


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