Question by  CSandeep (48)

Can you be allergic to steel piercings?


Answer by  Riz (7)

Yes. It isn't very likely, but even surgical steel has the possibility of causing allergic reactions in people who have sensitive skin. Surgical steel tends to be the most common piercing material these days, but if you find yourself having a reaction to it you could try switching to gold jewelry.


Answer by  TarilltheMad (78)

It is possible to be allergic to steel. Everyone's body has different tolerances for different kinds of metal. The best thing to do is to keep a close eye for any differences in skin color or abnormal swelling. Checking with the piercing artist for aftercare is a good idea also.


Answer by  kjgoulet (460)

Just like with ears, other piercings can be sensitive to certain metals. Just like there are nickel free and hypoallergenic ear rings there are other rings out there for other piercings. If it turns into an infection it is better just to take out the ring and live without that piercing.


Answer by  MTW (12)

Yes, you can be allergic to steel or surgical steel. Like any other allergy you can have different types of reactions from extra and prolonged swelling to it eating the skin.


Answer by  megan69 (82)

Many people are sensitive to certain metals. If reddening, itching, or swelling occurs when wearing a piece of jewelery, then it is generally a good idea to remove the jewelery. A better alternative to steel piercings would be ones made out of sterling silver or 14 karat gold. These metals are much more gentle on the skin.


Answer by  alicesays (106)

Yes, you can be allergic to almost anything if you've got the right allergies. Many people can only wear 14k gold or stainless steel rings, because those have less common allergies.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Yes. If you ears are really red and you are really sore you're probably allergic to the piercings. Take them out and get hypo-allergenic earrings. They sell them at most places that sell earrings.

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