Question by  Ty (12)

Can you be allergic to neoprene?


Answer by  cindy2366 (224)

Many people are indeed allergic to the rubber-like neoprene. Those who come in contact via sneakers or athletic suits may find themselves breaking out in a dermatitis like rash. Neoprene is made of chemicals and when mixed with water or sweat can cause a reaction.


Answer by  benay89 (26)

yes you can it falls into the rubber categories and is used to cure natural rubber and harden it and if a person is in contact with it it may cause an allergic reaction like many who are allergic to latex fall into the same circumstance. One might want to stay away from wet suits and neoprene gloves and braces.


Answer by  Mariana39 (440)

Neoprene allergy is extremely common. It may cause contact dermatitis - rashes and inflammations of the skin occur within a short period of time after exposure (within hours). It can also lead to prickly heat, which gives a burning sensation. The diagnosis is determined using test patches, which are commercially available.


Answer by  cathybellejones (309)

You can be allergic to anything. An allergy is when the body mistakingly views a substance as an enemy and attacks it. While some things are more commonly found as allergens, never rule out anything when it comes to allergies.

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