Question by  Bobbie40N (79)

How do defend against a California restraining order?

I received a restraining order in California.


Answer by  patti (29325)

You should have received notice of a request for a restraining order and the scheduled hearing. You attend the hearing so the judge can ask questions of the involved parties. The judge then will use this information to make a decision regarding the final status of the order and if it will stand.


Answer by  withsmluck (793)

To lift a restraining order in California, you must first show that you have complied with the restraining order and there is no need for it to be in place. This is best done with the help of an attorney. Note there are different types of restraining orders in California.


Answer by  tml (538)

Defense against a restraining order is most effective before the order is awarded and put in place. You should determine if you have either a temporary or permanent restraining order against you. If temporary, you can file a motion in defense arguing there is no such necessity for an RTO.


Answer by  tschu (417)

You need to file an answer to the claim within 10-20 days after being served. After this you will get a hearing date to explain your side to the judge.

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