Question by  asaini (1)

Can my employer decrease my rate of pay after a probationary period?


Answer by  Bayarts (470)

An employer is at liberty to pay workers any amount at his or her discretion so long as the amount meets the minimum wage requirements. This includes amounts lower than the pre-probationary period wages.


Answer by  silli586 (1103)

It is very unlikely this would happen, but if it doesn't go below minimum wage it is a legal thing to do.


Answer by  busymomof1 (83)

Employers are legally able to decrease your pay in certain situations. If you have a contract be sure to read it over and check the employment laws of your state as well. Also, your pay must be more than minimum wage.


Answer by  Josie74 (225)

Unless otherwise stated they can do whatever they please, however typically they will give you a raise, not a decrease in pay. If you were to get a decrease in pay, you need to speak with your employer and find out why they did this to you? Did you miss some work? They may be willing to work with you.


Answer by  Earl98 (152)

It really depends on the state. There are some states where that is not allowed but in most states they can pay you what they want as long as it's above minimum wage.

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