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Question by  Anonymous

Can long hair (in your eyes) cause sore eyes?


Answer by  Spazman667 (259)

Sore eyes occur for numerous reasons but often sore eyes come from an irritation to the eyes so in essence long hair can cause sore eyes. The hair can continously rub against the eye or around the eye causing irritation to happen. The simple fact is long hair that dangles below the eye line can cause sore eyes.


Answer by  way2cute (23)

Depending on the products used and the amount of these products applied to hair, allergies can be triggered. Sore eyes can occur when a foriegn object enters the eyes (hair). I think long hair can cause a multitude of problems, especially sore eyes.


Answer by  Danie (993)

Very likely this will not have an impact on having sore eyes or not. Unless your hair is very dirty and it gets into your eyes, there may be another cause for your eyes feeling irritated. See if there is a product you have used which could be causing the redness.


Answer by  Anonymous

it cant have any possible effect its hair move it out of the way, take care of your hair wash it and your eyes will be fine.

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