Question by  mjl10 (282)

Can you get herpes in the eye?

I have what looks like a cold sore on my eye.


Answer by  Krissie (551)

You can. There are different types, too--the most common only affects the outer layer of the eye, but some can cause permanent damage to your eyesight. The virus can get into your body through your mouth or contact with an infected person; it's sort of like chicken pox that way.


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

Eye Herpes or Ocular Herpes are a form of 1 herpes simplex virus. This type of herpes is quite common and is most often spread through contact with someone who has an active cold sore on their eye. Spreading occurs from such actions as sharing eye make-up or glasses.


Answer by  Milette4 (900)

Yes, it is quite common. Herpes in the eye is caused by the type 1 herpes simplex virus and is it different from the type of virus that affects the genitals or lips. The treatment therefore is also very different than that of the more well know kind of herpes.


Answer by  xsut (943)

Herpes usually can form anywhere.This is an open wound but it is not too common to get herpes on the eye. You may have what's called a "star" and usually this is a bump that results due to an ingrown eyelash hair.


Answer by  booboobear (139)

Yes, there is a variety of the herpes virus that infects the eye. This infection is called keratitis, and is a growth on the cornea.

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