Question by  gymadel (23)

Can I view child support payments I've made on line?

I need a record of my payments.


Answer by  rosslori6 (99)

The ability to do this depends on the state and possibly county in which the proceedings took place. The best place to start is to contact the local officials overseeing the payment. In any case ALWAYS track payments on your own.


Answer by  MSantora (21)

Sure you can if your pay your payments to NJ child support you can log in to your account put in your CS number.


Answer by  bubbagump (94)

This really depends on the State or City agency. For example, in Florida you can look up your last 5 payments. I suspect that many other states have the same provisions as well. You should be able to review your payments if you provide your social security number and your case number.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

That depends on who you made the payments to and how you made the payments. If you made them via check you may be able to get copies from your bank.


Answer by  arainey (49)

If your child support payments are made to the division of child support you will be able to view your payments on line. The division of child support list a record of current and past support payments. If you pay child support directly to your childs other parent you will not be able to view payments online.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Yes you can view child support payments online. If you have used your debit card then check with your bank for a statement. If you pay through a child support office just set up an online account with them and you can check it there.

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